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I recently partnered with Yolk in Silver Lake to share my favorite finds from their store every month with my readers. I rounded up a few of them in this tables scape  – my first ever table scape mind you!  Most everything here can be found at Yolk  Neustadt Blog

Neustadt Blog 1. Glass bottle with wood stopper   2. Napkin, plate, wood spoon, cutting board and glasses from Yolk.  Neustadt Blog 1. Mercer Plate  2. Marble Server ( from CB2 but not longer available )

I LOVE honeycomb and cheese – particularly gruyere or aged white cheddar. Honeycomb is a little on the pricier side, I bought a box of this  for $25  at the Cheese Store of Silver Lake. For those of you who don’t live here in Los Angeles, you can find it at most cheese shops and farmers market. And if you live in a town void of happiness, I mean cheese shops – then you can find it online here

Neustadt Blog

I really really like these rimmed plates from 3,co – the company is based in Taiwan and only sells to a select few retailers – Yolk being one of them. The plate above is the medium size, their large size is significantly bigger and more of a platter size.

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Everyone is in love with wooden spoons these days, but for good reason. This beauty was only $10 at Yolk  and I don’t let anyone in the house actually use it unless they’re stirring water or air.

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Papaya is such a beautiful fruit, but my mouth disagrees. Have a huge bowl of it in my fridge now that will probably stay in their until its molded over and my roommate casually mentions an article he read online about how moldy food in your fridge can cause severe illnesses. Not that it’s happened before


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