New Addition: Bedroom Inspiration!

Bedroom Inspiration | via Neustadt BlogThe new addition is almost complete! The hardwood floors were restored & refinished, a new archway now connects the new addition to my house, and I have a new bathroom!  I cannot wait to start putting together my new room, I’m going to be starting from scratch – all that I’m keeping from my old room is my mattress and dresser. I want it to be simple, light and airy. I want to layer different neutrals  through out the room  and have just a few pops of color.  New Bedroom | via Neustadt Blog

So here’s my room! All I have in my room now is a 9 foot rubber tree, my mattress and a polaroid of Michael and I taped to my wall. I love  the inherent simplicity of rooms when you’re first moving. It makes the few items you have placed about the room so precious.  And there’s also the ever enticing lure of potential. There’s something so exciting about gazing at empty room.

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