Currently Coveting: Kitchen Goods

Kitchen Goods | Via Neustadt Blog1. Wooden Spoons 2.  Beverage Server    3. Glass Cups



There are so many beautiful pieces for the kitchen being made right now! Here are some of my favorites c1Kitchen Goods | Via Neustadt Blog1. Coffee Maker  2.Tea Kettle   3. Yumi Nakamura Flatware  4. Pepper Mill  5. Brass FlatwareKitchen Goods | Via Neustadt BlogKitchen Goods | Via Neustadt Blog1. Hand Serving Spoons 2. Wood Canasters 3. Brass Bottle Opener 

The glass coffee maker is one of my favorite pieces. I have a an old plastic coffee maker on my kitchen counter right now and I’ve been searching for a more aesthetically pleasing coffee maker to replace it with.  I originally wanted the hourglass shaped one from Chemex but I see it everywhere I go now and wanted something a little more original. In my search I stumbled upon the coffee maker above –  its clean modern lines and fresh design were exactly what I was looking for. It isn’t in production yet but the man behind the design has created a kickstarter for it, which you can check out here. I pledged $80 and will be getting one delivered sometime around Oct. 2014. A long wait, but worth it!

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