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Rumi Neely | via Neustadt Blog I got to shoot the lovely Rumi Neely a few weeks ago for Homepolish and Elle Decor ran the story online! Check it out here ! Rumi Neely | via Neustadt Blog I love the way her dining room came out, Orlanado Soria  did a great job. Its casual and has a great natural feel to it.Rumi Neely | via Neustadt Blog I just love the way wood, jute, and sheepskin look together. I’m also a big  fan of the hung textile – I haven’t been able to get it off my mind. I love the simplicity of the design mixed with the intricacy of the weave. You can purchase one over at St.Frank – they have a ton of great pieces.Rumi Neely | via Neustadt Blog

Rumi Neely | via Neustadt Blog

Rumi Neely | via Neustadt Blog I’ve always adored sheep,  so I feel pretty conflicted and guilty about enjoying sheepskin rugs. I realize it’s no different than me enjoying turkey bacon or my leather bag- but something about rolling around on the pelt of one of those sweet creatures feels awful.  I was raised a vegetarian and just recently started eating meat  – thanks to Michael’s family. It started out slow, trying a bite of salmon that his step dad caught up north,  a little chicken here and there  and then all of a sudden I was eating calamari, steak, crab, pork and even lamb – although Michael did find me crying in the bathroom after eating lamb. How do you guys feel about animal skins?

p.s.  Check out this film  Sweetgrass if you can! I was lucky enough to attend a screening with the director a few years ago. Its a pretty silent film about cowboys leading their flock of sheep through the mountains out to summer pasture.  The sounds of the sheep are the only real language of the film and theres such humor to be found in it – the whole theatre was cracking up.


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