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Raw Nut Milk | Tessa NeustadtI for the most part have given up milk – aside from the occasional cappuccino. This is a huge step for someone who grew up drinking tall glasses of milk with most meals. This past year I’ve completely replaced it with almond and oat milk. I was so excited when I found this small company Local Raw Nut Milk  that delivers fresh raw almond milk to your doorstep. Because its fresh, organic and raw – it holds way more nutrients than your typical almond milk you buy off the shelf. On top of that they add fresh herbs and spices. It comes in two different sizes, I opted for the larger and it keeps for 4 days.  So far I’ve only tried  the Cinnamon Basil  but I was so eager to post I couldn’t wait until I got my next order.Raw Almond Milk |  Neustadt BlogRaw Almond Milk |  Neustadt Blog

Raw Almond Milk |  Neustadt BlogRaw Nut Milk | Neustadt Blog

Raw Nut Milk | Neustadt Blog

Raw Almond Milk |  Neustadt BlogHead over to Local Raw Nut Milk  and check out all the flavors they have to offer! Even if you don’t live in southern California, they have some fun flavor combinations that may inspire you in your own kitchen. Have any of you guys  ever tried to make your own nut milk before?


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