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As you can see from my blog and instagram – white is my favorite color. When designing my own home I stuck to whites and neutrals – not only because I love them but also because I have commitment problem with buying furniture, particularly non neutral furniture. My white couch will always match my white shelves which will always match the white rug….and my white dog and my white cat. When Chairish approached me about creating a style board to help bring a room from ‘white to bright’  I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to play around with how I would style my house with color. I used the image above as inspiration. A good starting point is picking out a colorful rug. Coming from someone who could gaze at white, off white, and more off white rugs for hours this isn’t necessarily an easy  staring point.

rugs | Neustadt Blog

1. Blue   2. Light Pink    3.  Cochineel  4.  Over Dyed Blue

I narrowed it down to these 4 rugs from Chairish and I decided on #3 which is the Hand Woven Cochineel Dyed Carpet . Great simple design but in a bold bright color. With so much color in the rug, I needed to go for neutral furniture – easy. Unfortuantely having one pop of color does not count as bringing a room from white to bright. Bringing in a plant or my favorite – a big tree helps tremendously. From there I picked out a mixture of neutral and colorful paintings and ta da

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As you can see – still a lot of naturals and whites, but I would definitely consider this a colorful room.  It’s a relaxed, cheery yet somewhat serious room. Any time I write serious you can just swap it for the word adult – you know, someone who changes their water filter on time, changes burnt out lightbulbs instead of living by candle light until they run out of matches or candles, doesn’t eat cereal for dinner while binge watching Gilmore Girls.  Anyway, I felt like I couldn’t eat cereal by candle light with Rory & Loreli in this room and I blame it on that wood chair. After playing around with different chairs I landed on this weird mid century beach chair for the rich and famous like Emily Gilmore. Neustadt Blog

This chair instantly changes the mood of the room into something more playful. The aqua blue tripe helps brings out all the different pops of color in the room.

Side note – love ladders. Here are some affordable ones you can find online. I actually just bought the middle one from Urban Outfitters and I personally don’t like the quality of the stain on the wood but that could be  a quick fix

Ladders | Neustadt Blog

1.  Tapered  2.  Classic   3.  White Wash







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