Kitchen Goods

  1. Marble Brass Paper Towel Holder  2. Kitchen Towels  3. Cutting Board  4. Striped Mug  5. Glasses 6. Checker Board Bowl 7. Black Boat Server  8. Salad Bowl 9. Mug 10. Beige Marble Coasters 11. ( set of  8 ) Navy Linen Napkins 12. Black White Stone Coasters  13. Decanter

A quick kitchen goods round up !  I love the striped mug and salad bowl – they’re part of a cute and affordable line at Crate and Barrel. Andddd how many sets of a coasters does a girl need? If the number is more than 27  I’m on the right track in life. I use my 2000 coasters zero times a year, which means I need 3 sets of both of these !

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